Trailer watch: Chronicle


Chronicle is what happens when a bunch of people come together with the thought of:

“wouldn’t it be great if Heroes was re-hashed in the found footage genre?”

And if the trailer is indicative of the entire movie, it could really work! So far, the found footage genre has always been a subset of the horror genres, where films such as Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch, Rec and Cloverfield comes to mind.

But if this film takes off, we could really start to see fresh new takes on the found footage genre. For one, the parody genre, Scary Movie style.

Check out the trailer below:

Chronicle opens 2nd Feb 2012 in Singapore.

In marketing this film and being true to the budget conscious found footage type films (It cost 15 million to make. Compare this with Hangover II, a no effects comedy costing 80 million), they took to tumblr and commissioned several artists to create their own renditions of what a Chronicle poster might look.

You can take a look at the submissions at Really cool stuff.


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