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If you don’t know this yet, Google is about to start rolling out results from Google+ and picasa in their search results page, in a bid to make your search experience more personal, and hopefully, more relevant than before.

Now that’s opened a can of worms, called Facebook and Twitter. We all know that when it comes to social relevance, facebook and twitter would definitely come before Google+ simply because the google+ traction has not gone full steam ahead, and in terms of sheer numbers, are dwarfed by facebook’s 800 million and counting.

But because facebook is practically a walled garden, and twitter’s deal to filter its results in google’s search pages expired and july, the majority of the social results would logically only include Google+. Hopefully, this will change in future when facebook and twitter finally come round to it.

This move by google certainly pushes marketers to sit up and take notice of Google+, and as more brands and more users sign up to the service, social search and results will take a much stronger position in the later half of 2012.

No matter what you think of google’s move though, you have to admit, they do nice ads.


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