People generally go to the hospital to get well, but with the state of hospitals in India, I think one will be better off roughing it out in the wild.

Rats apparently chewed off the penis of a patient with pneumonia, leaving him bleeding to death. It was reported that his family members found him in a pool of blood. Hospital authorities have admitted to having problems with rats, but declined to comment further.

In a separate incident on 9 Dec, a fire broke out at a private hospital, leaving close to 100 dead as hospital staff fled the premises, stranding the mostly immobile patients. Firefighters also took more than an hour to arrive at the scene after the fire started.

And in a 3rd unrelated incident on 17 Dec, a 21 day old infant died after a cleaner accidentally removed her oxygen masked while he was under the influence of alcohol.

Yeah, definitely, roughing it out in the wild.


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