The state of our transportation systems today


This is all one big conspiracy I’m telling you. Recently, Singapore’s transportation systems have failed, one after another.

First, a series of train disruptions caused trains to be stuck in tunnels with the air-condition and lights turned off. This resulted in someone taking a fire extinguisher to the window to keep ventilation going.

Then this morning, the bridging bus service broke down while ferrying stranded passengers from the MRT stations.

And earlier today, an incident happened at Sengkang MRT. Apparently, a ceiling slab fell and hit a man. It looks really serious, and I hope the man will turn out fine.

Lastly, a few days back, while walking home, an overturned taxi greeted me.

Is this all a giant conspiracy to tell us to get our own damn cars? But COE is so high! Looks like the holy trinity of SMRT, LTA and the Minister for Transport are in for a rough last few days of 2011!

*update: apparently, the man fell from height while cleaning the area outside the mrt station.


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