Spider-webbed Trees in Pakistan

Spiderman's practice grounds

National Geographic

In the 2nd half of 2010, Pakistan experienced some strong monsoon rains that resulted in a huge area being flooded. It was estimated that the floods affected 20million people, with close to 2,000 deaths. Damages to structures were estimated at about USD 4 billion.

In the aftermath of the flooding, these photos reveal the impact the flooding has had on the insect population. As flood waters rose, it drove thousands of spiders and other insects up to higher ground, including trees.

With the flood waters slow to recede, the spiders had no choice but to do their thing right up there on the trees, making for these beautifully haunting photos.

Another plus to this story: in areas where the spiders have scaled the trees, there have been fewer reports of malaria spread by mosquitos.

Either that, or Andrew Garfield’s been practising his web spinning chops over at Pakistan.

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